What are Redundant Power Supplies?

When the reliability of your system is essential, and a sudden loss of power would lead to disaster, you need more than just one reliable power source- you need multiple. Redundant power is a crucial component in data centers worldwide. The Power supply is like the heart of a system, it is very critical to…

The Future of Redundant Power Supplies: PMBus

  There are many potential benefits that a 100% digitally controlled redundant power supply can offer, including improved efficiency, reliability, and flexibility, so it may seem strange that the majority of power supplies in the market today function using controllers that communicate based on many basic analog protocols. This however, is primarily due to the…

80 Plus Power Supply

Why 80 PLUS Power Equals Energy Savings

When it comes to buying a new power supply, it’s easy to overlook the supply’s efficiency in favor of other stats like the supply’s max power output etc., but the fact of the matter is, you’re still paying for the energy that your power supply isn’t putting into your system. That’s where the 80 PLUS rating becomes useful.