• Chassis Height: 3U
  • Dimensions: 14.9″ x 16.9″ x 6.9″
  • Dimensions(mm): 380 x 430 x 176
  • Drive Bays: 6 x 3.5”HDD
  • Power Supply: PS2

3U Rackmount Chassis EJ-3U3380 Product Description

The 3U Rackmount Chassis EJ-3U3380 will meet all of your computing needs while optimizing the space on your rack. This sleek and rigid 3U chassis has a unique thermal cooling design that includes a front cold air intake tunnel. The chassis has three cooling fans in the middle and two in the rear so the system stays cool while running at optimal levels. The EJ-3U3380 supports DP XEON, DP Opteron, DP Nocona, and other CPUs. In addition, the chassis include a power on/off/reset control button, an indicator of the power status, HHD activity, LAN activity, and two 2.0 USB ports. The chassis’ SGCC steel is a soft forming quality hot dip galvanized steel that follows the JIS G 3302 standard.

GeneralityMetal materialSGCC
Metal thickness1.2 mm
Panel materialAluminum
M/B supportCEB (12″ x 10.5″) ATX (12″ x 9.6″)
CPU supportDP XEON, DP Opteron, UPP4/LGA755 UP Pentium-D, DP Nocona
SizeW*H*D(mm)380 * 430 * 176
W*H*D(inch)14.9″ * 16.9″ * 6.9″
Drive Bays6 x 3.5” HDD
Power supportPS2
Front panelControl buttonPower on/off/reset
IndicatorPower status / HDD Activity / LAN Activity
PortsUSB 2.0 (*2)
ExpansionSwitchable rear door
4 slot
Riser card(optional)
System cooling baysMiddle
3 * 8025
2 * 6025