• Wall-mount Adapter with interchangeable AC plugs
  • Wide range input (90~264)VAC / (47~63)Hz
  • 6 optional AC plugs
  • Conform to I.T.E. and RoHS
  • Standard output connector: 2.1 x 5.5 x 11mm

6W Wall-mount Adapter with Interchangeable AC Plugs ZZU1001-6W Product Description

This compact 6W Wall-mount Adapter with interchangeable AC Plugs ZZU1001-6W is UL and CE listed and incorporates a highly regulated output switching power design to assure a constant, accurate DC power delivery to your sensitive portable low voltage devices.

Electrical Specification:

Wall mount type
Input Voltage: 100V~240V
Input Frequency: 47Hz~63 Hz
Output Voltage: 5~24 VDC
Output Current: 1A max
Power: 6W max
Efficiency: Level VI
Dimension: 73.8(L) x 28.8(W) x 44.25(H) mm

DC Outputs:

Model Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency
ZZU1001-100050-XX 5V 1.0A 73.62%
ZZU1001-080075-XX 7.5V 0.8A 78.88%
ZZU1001-066090-XX 9V 0.66A 78.21%
ZZU1001-050120-XX 12V 0.5A 78.80%
ZZU1001-040150-XX 15V 0.4A 78.88%
ZZU1001-033180-XX 18V 0.33A 78.81%
ZZU1001-025240-XX 24V 0.25A 78.88%