• 700W
  • High Efficiency Mini Redundant Power Supply
  • Dimensions: 7.83″ x 5.9″ x 3.38″
  • Dimensions(mm): 199 x 150  x 86
  • ATX 12V / EPS 12V
  • Cooling by forced air 2x40mm Fan (Each module)
  • PS/2 Size design
  • Hot-Swappable & Power Sharing capability

Mini Redundant Power Supply 700W R4B-700G1V2 Product Description

The Mini Redundant Power Supply 700W R4B-700G1V2 includes hot-swap and power sharing functions. The mini redundant power supply is ideal for telecommunications and industrial systems.

AC Input
Input voltage: 100 ~ 240V (+-/10%) [ HOT-SWAP SOLUTION]
Frequency: 50/60Hz.
Power Factor Correction.

Power Good Signal: 100ms~500ms, TTL compatible signal
Power Fail Delay: >1msec. ,TTL compatible signal
PS-ON: Power off:PS-ON = 2V min. ;Power on:PS-ON = 0.8V max.

Operating Temperature: 0˚C to 45˚C
Storage Temperature: -20˚C to +70˚C
Operating Humidity: 20% to 90%,non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing

Safety & EMI/RFI
Safety Standards: UL,cUL,TUV,CB
EMI/RFI Standards: CISPR22(EN55022) Class A, FCC Part15 Class A

MTBF: 100,000 hours
Coolings: 38x38x28mmx6 DC FANS
Dimension(DxWxH): 199 x 150  x 86 mm

DC Output

Output Voltage+5V DC+12V DC+3.3V DC-12V DC+5VSB
Output Current(Max)25A57A32A0.8A3.5A
Output Current(Min.)1A3A1A0A0.1A
Ripple/Noise Max.(P-P):50mv70mv50mv70mv50mV
Line Regulation:±1﹪±1﹪±1﹪±1﹪±1﹪
Load Regulation:±5﹪±5﹪±5﹪±5﹪±5﹪


The combined total power from +5V and +3.3V shall not exceed 150W.
The combined total power from +5V and +12V & +3.3V shall not exceed 675W

20 + 4 pinP4 MBperipheralFDD8-Pin6-PinSATA
20+4 PinP4 MBPeripheralFDD8-Pin6-PinSATA
X 1X 1X 9X 1X 1X 1X 4