• Supports up to 3 extra PCI-Express 2.0 slots (One of the slot is available for a PCIe x16 GraphicCard with double width space)
  • Aluminum housing, anodized surface, benefits for cooling and durability
  • Built-in a big & quiet Fan cooling for self-contained ventilation
  • Desktop PCI-Express & Laptop ExpressCard34 supported
  • Internal Ultra-quiet 250W Power Supply

PCIe Expansion Chassis 3-Slot NA211A Product Description

Host InterfaceExternal PCI Express 2.0 (Backward Compliant with PCIe 1.0)
No. of Slot(s)Two PCIe 2.0 x8 (One slot is available for PCIe x16 card)
One PCIe 2.0 x4
MaterialAluminum Housing
Power SupplySingle 250W (Energy-Efficiency)
(AC Input: 100-240V, 50~60Hz)
CoolingOne Hot-Swappable 80x80x25 mm Cooling Fan
LED DisplayPower On
Dimension ModelModel: NA211A
Case Size14.6(D)x 4.3(W)x 7.87(H) inch
371(D)x 110(W)x 200(H) mm
Card Length Available12.28(L)inch / 312(L)mm
(Supports full length & height PCI Express Card)
O.S SupportNo Driver Requirement for TurboBox™
System RequirementOne ExpressCard 34/54 for laptop
One PCI Express x4/x8/x16 slot for Desktop




NA211A InternalsNA211A Fan Speed









External Three PCIe Slots Expansion Box
TurboBox™ PCIe Expansion Chassis 3-Slot NA211A features easy plug-and-play installation. It requires only one PCIe ×4 data cable to connect NA211A to host computer without any driver needed. The three available PCIe slots provided by NA211A for expansion of I/O capabilities support combination of ×1, ×4, ×8 and ×16 PCI Express full-length cards with a robust, firm aluminum housing for highest protection. The dedicated fan inside TurboBox™ NA211A is designed to provide finest cooling for any PCI Express card installed inside.

Compatible with Sandy Bridge Microarchitecture
The new TurboBox™ NA211A is compatible PCIe 2.0/Gen 2 specification equipment as well as Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processing microarchitecture. The NA211A is capable of supporting up to 5 Gb/s data throughput with Intel’s 6 series laptop chipset and up to 20 Gb/s, when the ExpressCard 34 connector is connected to a desktop PC or server workstation.

Cost-Effective Solution
The second generation TurboBox™ is verified by the CE and FCC, and is compliant with RoHS regulations, so you can trust in a robust build quality and a PCIe expansion solution that wont cause you problems.

NA211A(NB) for Laptop

Enclosure x 1
ExpressCard 34 / Laptop Adapter x 1
Connection Cable x 1
Manual CD-ROM x1
Power Cord x 1
Carry Bag x 1
NA211A Laptop Card
NA211A Laptop Cable

NA211A(DT) for Desktop

Enclosure x 1
PCI Express Card / Desktop Adapter x 1
Connection Cable x 1
Manual CD-ROM x1
Power Cord x 1
Carry Bag x 1
NA211A Desktop Card
NA211A Desktop Cable


Model No.Description


PCI-Express slot expansion box. Support up to 3 Full-length PCI-e Cards. with 250W Single PSU.With Laptop ExpressCard34 adapter, cable
NA211A(DT)PCI-Express slot expansion box. Support up to 3 Full-length PCI-e Cards. with 250W Single PSU.With PCIe x4 adapter, cable

Brand Name


Laptop Support
Company Support• Any model is equipped with
ExpressCard34/54 Interface
(Note: Dell M6500 is NOT supported)
Audio Card Support
 AVID     AVID• Pro Tools series
• HDSPe AES        • HDSPe RayDAT
 Universal Audio    Universal Audio• UAD-2 DUO        • UAD-2 QUAD
Video Card Support
 Black Magic Design   BlackMagic• DeckLink Studio   • Intensity
 Grass Valley     Grass Valley• HDSPARK            • HDTHUNDER
 Matrox  Matrox• M9120 Plus LP     • G550 LP PCIe
• P690 LP PCIe       • G550 PCIe
 ViewCast   ViewCast• Osprey 450e/ 460e/ 700e HD/ 710e HD
Data Acquisition(DAQ)
 National Instruments  NI• PCI Express DAQ card
OS Support
 Company Support• Windows OS        • Mac OS
• Linux