• Supports up to 3 extra PCI-Express slots
  • Host Adapter Supports PCIe 2.0
  • Built-in backplane for up to four(4) 2.5″ SSD or SAS/SATA drives
  • Aluminum housing, anodized surface, benefits for cooling and durability
  • Built-in a big & quiet Fan cooling for self-contained ventilation
  • Desktop PCI-Express & Laptop ExpressCard34 supported
  • Internal Ultra-quiet 220W Power Supply

PCIe Expansion Chassis External NA211A-LD Product Description

Host InterfaceExternal PCI-Express PCIe Gen 2
No. of Slot(s)Up to 3 PCI-Express slots (Two PCIe x8 and, One PCIe x4 slot appearance)
HDD Interface2.5″ SAS/SATA 3/6 Gbps
HDD BackplaneOne internal miniSAS (SFF8087) port
RAIDRequest a RAID card with an internal miniSAS (SFF8087) port
MaterialAluminum Housing
Power SupplySingle 250W (Energy-Efficiency)
(AC Input: 100-240V, 50~60Hz)
CoolingOne Hot-Swappable 80 x 80 x 25 mm Cooling Fan
LED DisplayPower On
DimensionModel: NA211A-LD
Case Size: 371(D)x110(W)x200(H)mm
Card Length Available: 218(L)mm / 8.58(L) inch
O.S SupportOS Independent









External PCI Express Box with Storage Backplane NA211A-LD, the newest addition to TurboBox NA211A family is an external PCI-Express slot expansion box combining with a multi-drive backplane module supporting four(4) 2.5” SATA/SAS disk drives or SSD(Solid State Drive), making it the perfect I/O capability as well as storage capacity expansion for laptop computers and workstations.

Provides the PCI Express of PC host adapter or Expresscard card of Laptop adapter optional, through only one cable connection between host PC to NA211A-LD. The NA211A-LD includes three free PCI Express slots for up to three any PCIe cards and a storage backplane for allowing configuration with Raid function while installing a Raid card into the one of the free PCI Express slots. Users are able to use NA211A-LD to attach both PCI Express cards and external storage to their Laptop, desktop or server.

NA211A-LD(NB) Package

ExpressCard34 – Laptop/Notebook Adaptor
Bandwidth :  2.5/5 Gbps from Laptop
Multilane Screw / External PCIe x4 cable2


NA211A-LD(DT) Package

PCI Express – Desktop Adaptor
Bandwidth: 10Gbps from Host PCIe 1.0 x4
or:  20Gbps from Host PCIe 2.0 x4
External PCIe x4 cable / External PCIe x4 cable4

Brand Name


Laptop Support
Company Support• Any model is equipped with
ExpressCard34/54 Interface
(Note: Dell M6500 is NOT supported)
Audio Card Support
 AVID     AVID• Pro Tools series
• HDSPe AES        • HDSPe RayDAT
 Universal Audio    Universal Audio• UAD-2 DUO        • UAD-2 QUAD
Video Card Support
 Black Magic Design   BlackMagic• DeckLink Studio   • Intensity
 Grass Valley     Grass Valley• HDSPARK            • HDTHUNDER
 Matrox  Matrox• M9120 Plus LP     • G550 LP PCIe
• P690 LP PCIe       • G550 PCIe
 ViewCast   ViewCast• Osprey 450e/ 460e/ 700e HD/ 710e HD
Data Acquisition(DAQ)
 National Instruments  NI• PCI Express DAQ card
OS Support
 Company Support• Windows OS        • Mac OS
• Linux