• IPC grade power supply
  • 400W
  • For NA250A-PRO/ NA260A-PRO

ZSSG400W32P01 400W Power Supply for NA250A-PRO/ NA260A-PRO Product Description:

The ZSSG400W32P01 400W Power Supply was designed with high-quality capacitors and a compact ATX form factor size. The ZSSG400W32P01 power supply provides clean, reliable power power, and is intended to be used specifically as a replacement for NA250A-PRO/ NA260A-PRO.

For exact DC output and AC input specifications, users should refer to Netstor’s website or tech support as its exact specifications are unknown. It is known that this power supply is identical to the OEM power supply that ships inside of theNA250A-PRO/NA260A-PRO. It is recommended that those looking for a replacement power supply for the NA250A-PRO/NA260A-PRO use this power supply.